Warranty Policy

GoEasyRepair offers a 6-month warranty on the replaced screen under these conditions:

  • GoEasyRepair has the right to refuse service on any claims solely at its own discretion.
  • The warranty includes factory screen defects, such as unresponsive or erratic touch.
  • The 6-month warranty is applicable only on the mobile screen replacement featuring the same benchmarks and capabilities of the original faulty screen.
  • The warranty does not cover any other parts of the mobile.
  • The warranty only covers manufacture defects, and does not encompass damage due to manual intervention.
  • GoEasyRepair provides 3 months warranty except screen replacement.

The 6-month warranty is NOT valid under these conditions:

  • If you don't hand over the non-working mobile part to the GoEasyRepair technician, the warranty will be valid only for 3 months.
  • In case other components of the mobile are damaged, and the phone refuses to turn on and perform all the tasks it is supposed to do.
  • If the phone is left partially working, following an unsuccessful repair attempt at home or by any other vendor.
  • In case a phone model is known to have a particular manufacturing/performance issue that impairs the functioning of the screen.
  • In case the mobile’s frame is damaged.
  • In case the mobile is jail-broken.
  • If the internal hardware is tampered with, especially through a self-repair attempt.
  • The warranty will not cover phones that have been damaged negligently and intentionally.
  • It is also not applicable to devices that have been repaired or tampered-with before, by anyone else other than GoEasyRepair.
  • In case the device is transferred or sold to another user. The second-hand user will not be entitled to the warranty.
  • Warranty on Battery is NOT valid in case of excessive charging, battery swell, overnight charging or use of non-OEM Charging Cable/Adapters
  • Subsequent mishandling which causes the frame to bend, twist or crack will not be entertained.
  • Subsequent mishandling with the screen such as hard press that may initiate discoloring or lining on the display.
  • Any kind of display issue will not be consider in warranty.

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